Automated Testing: Quick Guide

Automated Testing: Quick Guide

The software is being tested at every stage of its life cycle. The developers test it for the efficiency of code, and the QA experts check it for everything. And every time the use runs applications, he/she tests it, as the bugs can be found as a result of interaction (however, you can’t see all negative results of the tests without the use of monitoring tools).

In the perfect world of DevOps, as soon as the designer ensures that his/her code works at least on its device and sends it to the repository, where the build is being prepared. Now you can run the automatic tests for the unit, integration, regression, performance, load and stress testing. However, you shouldn’t entrust the program with the new functionality. All these processes can proceed on schedule without human intervention.

In particular, such options are offered by the cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, or rather a Visual Studio Team Services, which has the integrated tools for running automated tests. It also includes the popular services for automatic test that don’t represent the development of Microsoft, such as Selenium and almost any testing framework that you could have used before.

As any other automation, the creation of automated testing services requires the time of experts in this field. As the wage of automation is higher than that of the “manual testers”, it is possible that someone from your QA project team is already dreaming to master more profitable tools and burns the midnight oil. Probably, our designers will magically motivate for writing automated tests – they may be convinced by the fact that it is better to make it once than face someone else’s mistakes and correct them over and over again.

Automated testing is an excellent tool for code checking. However, it is useless, when the “simple human participation” is required (for example, to test the user interface). The “robot” has no sense of beauty (and all the current stories about the neural networks confirm it once again) and can’t notice that somewhere the layout has moved by one pixel, and the combination of button color and the writing on it is just horrible. However, somebody must note such things, namely, the QA expert that manually tests the software. Even if the program can handle the code tests, someone will have to test the user interface and run the system testing – these tasks are obviously too difficult for the program.

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