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Case Study


Easy Dr. is an AI based chatbot that books a doctor’s appointment for diabetes patient. Additionally, it also helps doctor to analyse case of the patient beforehand that is time saver for both patient and doctor to create hustle free experience. Chatbot starts with asking patient, their personal details and then conversations proceed with taking their diabetic details as well as few other related symptoms. Chatbot understands the statement in English through dialog flow which works on natural language processing and machine learning. The patient’s details is stored in firebase which stores the data in unstructured format. That unstructured data is been converted to human understandable form through Django which is a python framework and that readable data is been sent to doctor through email. The patient will also get confirmation email too if the appointment has been booked successfully. Besides, the date will always be validated before booking an appointment.

The Challenges Faced

Chatbots are being made to diminish the issues that the industries are facing today. The reason for the increase in development of chatbot is to support small and large business ventures. Chatbots are virtual robots which act like humans and continue to operate throughout the year without taking a break, unlike humans. At present, chatbots are contributing a lot in a market such as replacing live chats, IVR systems and other forms of slower communication methods like phone calls and emails.

  • Collecting specific requirements from client
  • Understand user inputs and prepare question answers
  • Validate user inputs and convert user input into required format and unit
The Solution Provided by iBoon Technologies

In case of emergency, it is quite frustrating to be kept on hold on online calls to get help from any clinics. Hence instead of that IVR system which follows the traditional method, chatbots are more interactive with decent UI that solves user’s problem with hustle free experience. Also, humans get tired of answering and repeating the same questions, on the other hand, chatbots can handle multiple users at the same time without denying anyone for help.

  • This project will consist of delivering a smart medical chatbot based upon diabetic symptoms and figures. It aims to reduce the amount of time required to examine the patient and also help to remove the man efforts.
  • Project will feature four modules. Modules of the project include booking an appointment, Booking for the lab test, Guidance for diabetic symptoms and Doctor’s dashboard.
  • Further, we will develop an email notification service that sends diagnosed report to the doctor beforehand.
  • Additionally, Easy Dr. will able to handle lot many inquiries at a time. It can take a load of patient support team.
  • Easy Dr. will be ready to help patient no matter what time of the day. Any number of patients, each one will be answered.
Results Obtained
  • Can book and manage appointments easily.
  • Can make a plan according to booked appointments.
  • Get Lab test results from users before the patient arrived
  • Saved time in operations by 23.17%
  • Saved resources by 50 %
  • Reduced cost of operations by 50%
  • Increased ROI by 70%
  • And more

Location: Ahmedabad
Industry: Medical
Business Model: Project base

Technologies We used
Python | DialogFlow | Firebase DB | Google Voice Assistant | Bootstrap framework

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