Major Utilities of Click to Text for Business

Major Utilities of Click to Text for Business

Texting is one of the most preferred modes of communication. Thus, many businesses use the business texting services these days as it allows using the business number for two way texting along with many features. There are a few business messaging service providers that provide one of the most effective feature, called, Click to Text. This is one of the most powerful business texting features and in this article I will share some tips to use it at its best.

Click to Text for Lead Generation

The beauty of landline texting is that your customers, vendors and prospects can send a message to your business landline or toll free number. This is indeed a great characteristic of the business texting. Taking it one step further is using the click to text feature provided by the business messaging service provider. It works amazingly for lead generation. All you need to do is use the GUI based panel to create the Click2Text button for your business which match your website theme and put it on your website. The mobile users browsing your website can send a text to you just by clicking on this button. The benefit is it will remove the need for filling in different text fields which come in the inquiry form. Everyone may not like to fill in the forms, but sending a short text to inquire about something would be easier. This increases the lead generation ratio significantly.

Click to Text for Support

The click to text feature of business texting can also be used for the support services. Instead of providing a helpdesk ticketing solution to generate a support ticket or a helpline number, you can simply have a support page. This page can give common steps to be followed for common issues. On the same page add the support button of click-to-text. Your customers can raise an issue with the click-to-text button. All they need to do is click on it and send an SMS. This business texting feature can be used by all different industry verticals that provide technical or nontechnical support. It works really well as it is an easy and fast way to raise a support request.

There are many other usages of the click2Text button, but these two are the most common and effective. It is a really powerful business texting feature. However, there are a very few business messaging service providers that offer this feature as part of their service.

If you have a business texting solution, but don’t have the click to text functionality in it, you must get the one as this is something that will give you the competitive edge. Also, it will help in increasing business. We, at iBoon Technologies, have a team of expert software developers that will help you in developing the best click to text module for your business texting system. We can also help you in the complete system development of SMS solution. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

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