The importance of wireframe

The importance of wireframe

wire frame is must required step after requirement gathering and analysis. it helps to convey exact message to designer and developer how the solution should look a like and how it should perform. even if client is not interested, a team should prefer to create wire frame. it helps to decide client’s need and user’s journey before any kind of design work. A wire frame is skeleton of screen drawn with simple color and dummy contents. now a days there are multiple tools available in market which help us to create wire frame with actual color, contents and navigation.

Advantages of wire frame

  1. One of the best advantage of wire framing is that it provides early vision of the solution that helps to review with the client and get feedback on it.
  2. Wire frame ensures the contents, controls and functionality correlate with user and business needs.
  3. Using wire frame, as project moves forward it will be used as a decent dialogue between members of the project team to agree on the project vision and scope.
    • Developers would use a wire frame to understand the functionality of a particular site
    • Designers would use a wire frame to push the user interface process
    • Information architects would utilize wire frames to illustrate the navigation paths that is present between pages
    • Business stakeholders would use wire frames to make sure that objectives and requirements are met via the design
  4. Creating wire frame by the experts using requirements gets reliable and well informed solution

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