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It is the only marketplace in the ceramic industry that connects die and punch makers and buyers from across the globe. The MOULDIES aims to benefit its customers and users with the benefits of digitization. It provides thousands of options for the tiles based on the required size and other specifications. Buyers can choose exclusive designs from a large portfolio of various sellers and freelancers. The whole process of buying and selling the tile die and punch is performed online; from the selection to billing and payment. The Challenges Faced

The Challenges Faced

Ceramic Industry had a completely manual system for selling tile die and punch to the customers. In response to the inquiry, the Seller makes design and send to the customer. The customer may give the revision based on his need until he gets the die which he likes. At the end of this process, the die is finalized and the process of tile making can be initiated. Once the die is created, it is delivered and get paid for.

The issue with this complete manual process was it was lengthy and time consuming. Often, it took a lot of time and resources in making a die which is approved by the customer and then making an invoice based on various parameters. The group of young Entrepreneurs wanted to give quicker services and a global platform to industry Buyers and Sellers by leveraging technological advancement. Thus, they started looking for a reliable company that can help them develop the web application and mobile application that can speed up the process of selection and order placing to benefit both, buyers and sellers. Also, they preferred to have the platform, which can let freelancer designers themselves and offer their tile designs to the global buyers.

The Solution Provided by iBoon Technologies

  • The representatives of the MOULDIES sent us the web and mobile app development requirement.
  • Our business head had a couple of in-person meetings to discuss their needs so we can offer the best solution. Our business head given some valuable suggestions to make this platform even more robust and scalable. Based on the discussions, we finalized the development scope.
  • Our UI (User Interface) designer and UX (User Experience) developers developed the mobile layouts and our graphic designer designed creative web designs.
  • Our mobile app development team developed the mobile application for both, Android and iOS devices. Our web development team developed the website and web application.
  • Our software testing and quality assurance team tested mobile applications, website and web application for functional and nonfunctional aspects to assure it is bug free and of the highest quality.
  • Our engineers then performed the final installation and hosting process to make the website and mobile applications live.

Results Obtained

  • The project is approved by the “Startup India”, which means the project is a Government of India certified startup project
  • Transformed the manual process into the digital platform
  • 15,000+ unique designs are available in the marketplace
  • Made buying and selling automated and digitized
  • Transformed tedious and error prone billing process in the most efficient, fast and automated billing process even with complex formulas based on the size, specifications and other details
  • Sellers selling their tile die and punch
  • We are providing freelancer services in next couple of weeks so we can not identify the number.
  • 5x increase in the customer base of the MOULDIES
  • Saved time in operations by 73.27%
  • Saved resources by 61.10%
  • Reduced cost of operations by 59.66%
  • Increased ROI by 66.58%

Client Testimonial

We are glad we found iBoon Technologies. They put time and resources to understand our requirements and helped us go digital with their expertise. The whole process was smooth and really professional. I recommend using their expertise in web and mobile development.

Akshish Sheth

Location: Morbi
Industry: Ceramic Industry
Business Model: Dedicated Team

Technologies We used

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