Search Console Shopping Tab Listings | How to Enable Shopping Tab Listing?

Google has made enhancements to the Search Console’s Shopping tab Listings report, offering merchants insights into their listing statuses and growth opportunities.

How To Enable Shopping Tab Listing

Enable Shopping Tab Listing

Source: Google

The recent additions to the Shopping tab, introduced in November, aim to assist vendors in effectively presenting their products.

Notifications and Growth Opportunities in the Listing Report

The recent changes to the Shopping tab Listing report can help merchants increase sales by ensuring their products remain visible on Google.

How to Enable Shopping Tab Listing in Google

Shopping Tab Listing

Source: Google

Firstly, merchants will now receive alerts if their products no longer appear on the Shopping tab due to any issues. This notification system acts as an early warning, allowing businesses to address issues preventing their products from showing up on Google Search.

Secondly, the updated report will identify opportunities for merchants to increase clicks and improve the rankings of their products on Google. For instance, it may guide merchants to provide the most relevant information about shipping and return policies.

This tool is designed to help businesses optimize their product visibility on the top search engine.

How to Access the New Shopping Tab Listing Report Features?

To benefit from these updates, merchants need to link their Search Console property with a Merchant Center account. Any Search Console property owner with admin rights to the corresponding Merchant Center account can establish this connection. Once set up, all users accessing that Search Console property can make use of these newly added features.

Google has mentioned that this rollout will occur gradually over the next few weeks. Merchants are encouraged to check the Shopping tab listings section in the Search Console for availability and follow the instructions to integrate these features.

Ensuring Product Visibility for Consumers

This update reflects Google’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its ecommerce infrastructure for online store owners. With the new Shopping tab features, users of Google Merchant Center and Search Console can anticipate a more streamlined, efficient, and effective way to manage and grow their product listings.