strong>Application Development companies to create their websites and mobile apps. But how will you identify which one would be better for your business?

The answer is somewhat tricky. Selecting the appropriate platform for your company is important. It largely depends on several factors, including your business goals. budget, intended market, and type of business. 

You can see the key elements to consider while deciding by reading this guide.

What is the major difference between Mobile App and Web apps?

The primary difference would be that mobile apps are made specifically for mobile platforms, i.e. Android or iOS.  Web apps, on the other hand, can be accessed by multiple internet sites on a PC or a mobile device.

Mobile apps are platform-specific and more expensive to create than web applications. Web apps are usually faster, easier to build, and better to access for E-commerce platforms. If your company is new in the market and wants to build an online presence we are the reputed Web design company in Ahmedabad for all your need.

Pros and Cons of Mobile app v/s Web app

Mobile apps


  • Faster than web apps
  • Due to access to system resources, they function more effectively.
  • It can work offline
  • Safe and secure – the app store must first authorize apps
  • since there are developer tools, interface components, and SDKs readily available, it is simpler to construct


  • More costly to create than web apps
  • To make an app compatible with several platforms (such as iOS and Android), it is necessary to start from scratch.
  • Costly to update and maintain
  • Obtaining an app store authorization for a native app could be challenging.

Web applications


  • Web apps operate in the browser and don’t need to be downloaded or installed.
  • They are simple to maintain because they share a codebase across all mobile platforms.
  • Will automatically updates
  • Faster and simpler to create than mobile apps
  • Not subject to clearance by the app store, allowing for a speedy launch
  • Best choice for eCommerce platforms 


  • Work online only
  • slower and with less advanced features than mobile apps
  • They may not be as easily found as mobile apps.
  • Web apps do not need to be certified by the app store, so quality and security are less.


You can try to make your website more user-friendly with the help of professionals from any top Website development company in Ahmedabad rather than spending extra time and money developing an app.

The answer is somewhat tricky. However, if you consider all the factors the short answer to the question is that for any CRM Softwares, mobile applications are preferred, while when you require an Ecommerce website then you can go for web application. Ensure that you select a top web design company in Ahmedabad.

After making your decision, you must appoint the best team to design your website or mobile application. Examine your options for hiring app developers to construct your concept to your needs. We specialize in developing both, an e-commerce platform and a mobile application for Android and iOS.

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